Garnier Ambre Solaire „WET skin“ Sonnenschutz spray

Garnier Ambre Solaire „WET skin“ Sonnenschutz spray

Testbericht zum Garnier Produkt

After a long wait and lost hope, last week I received my Test-Packet from Garnier. I am so very excited to test the new sunscreen spray from Garnier Ambre Solaire „WET Skin“ with LSF/FPS 30. Although, through out the last week, the weather has been so crap and its raining cats and dogs. But the little sunshine that came in spurts gave me full opportunity to test my new sunscreen spray. So here is my small and quick review about it.

Packed in a white bottle with a yellow spraying nozzle, it does catch eyes instantly and gives you a definite summer feeling. A quantitative description of the product and all information viz.a.viz. ingredients are mentioned on the bottle. The sunscreen can be sprayed either on wet or dry skin, is waster resistant and provides protection against photostable UVA rays.

The sunscreen (liquid) can be easily sprayed through the nozzle and spread evenly on the skin when applied from a little distance (say about 15 cm). It smells fresh and pleasant and so does the skin feels after application. The transparent liquid is easily absorbed when applied on the wet skin (i.e. right after bath or on damp skin). When applied on dry skin, I have to massage for a while till it gets absorbed or else it is very sticky and greasy like every other sunscreen creams or lotions. Therefore, I preferred to apply it on Wet Skin…I guess that’s why WET is written in bold letters on the bottle 😉
However, upon repeated application i.e. after 4 hours (out in the sun), it never felt sticky. Well,, that’s surprisingly good!

If it leaves any marks on the clothes?


Does the LSF/FPS 30 works?

Absolutely Yes! But that doesn’t mean 100% protection from the strong afternoon sun. So, avoid strong sun and that’s Logical!


Definitely! Apply it several times a day for increased protection against sun-rays especially, if you sweat alot or go swimming. Normally as well, When outside in sun, I would also spray it on after every 3-4 hours just to protect from sun burn or tan. And ofcourse, DO NOT USE IT ON FACE or IRRITATED SKIN!

The only flaw….

is imparted greasiness on dry skin.

Would I recommend?

Ohhh Yaaaa!

Fazit vom Produkttester

It is absolutely great and quick in terms of use. I mean, take the cap off and spray it all over immediately after shower… Isn’t it less time consuming as against dabbing creme from head to toe. More importantly, I feel fresh and rejuvenated even after repeated application.
It is indeed an ideal must-have for water-lovers or swimmers. I give it a THUMBS UP 🙂


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